Sights and Sounds of The Marching "100"

"100" Quote of the Day:

The Sights

FAMU Saxophone section marching at the Coastal Carolina Game FAMU Baritone section putting on a marching clinic FAMU Trumpet section in the stands Dr. William P. Foster, Founder of the Marching 100 FAMU Drum Majors performing at the South Carolina State game FAMU Drum Majors flying through the air FAMU Slow One - The Death March that kicks off the pre-game show FAMU French Horns during Slow One FAMU Drum Major FAMU Marching 100 in block band performing the dance routine FAMU Drum Majors leading the way FAMU Marching 100 prepares to take the field for slow one Dr. Sylvester Young - Director of the Marching 100 Dr. Shelby Chipman - Assistant Director of the Marching 100 FAMU Piccolo player on the field FAMU Marching 100 FAMU's Dirty Dozen Flag Corps brings excitement to the field Dr. Julian E. White - Former Director of the Marching 100 FAMU Marching 100 preparing to perform

The Sounds

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