A trip through History

Ranking high among the many proud traditions of Florida A&M University is the highly acclaimed Marching "100" Band. The first band at this institution, formerly named A&M College, was organized in 1892 under the tutelage of P.A. Van Weller. From a meager store of 16 instruments, the Marching "100" has grown to over 420 members. This organization has been polished and refined to perfection for the past 104 years under the guidance of its directors:

  • P.A. Van Weller, 1892 - 1898
  • Nathaniel C. Adderly, 1910 - 1918
  • Leander A. Kirksey, 1930 - 1945
  • Dr. William P. Foster, 1945 - 1998
  • Dr. Julian E. White, 1998 - 2012
  • Dr. Sylvester Young, 2013 - present

On June 1, 1946, William P. Foster became Director of Bands at Florida A & M University with 16 members, and created what is known today as "The Most Imitated Marching Band in America." By 1950, the marching band had grown to 110 members and became widely known as "The Marching 100."


The Marching "100" is committed to continue building its legacy. Whether it's rocking crowds around the country or going viral worldwide, the "100" still sets the standard which others can only dream to achieve.

Dr. Foster instilled in his students a sense of priorities through his Band Motto which can be found at the bottom of this and every page on this site. The Band Motto serves as a reminder of the qualities members of the Marching "100" should always strive to attain. One of the first qualities Dr. Foster encouraged (ranking only behind "character"), is "Achievement in Academics." Marching "100" members are students first, and are demonstrating their commitment to their studies by carrying the highest average GPA across all campus extracurricular organizations.


The 4th band and only HBCU ever to win the coveted Sudler Trophy.


Innovator of over 30 techniques which have become standard operating procedures for many high school and collegiate marching band programs.

World Renown

Internationally known, the Marching "100" is no stranger to performing globally. From the Grammy Awards to the Super Bowl, to Paris, France, there's nothing this band cannot do.

The Hundred in action

Slow One

The solemn entry of the band where members lift each leg at 90 degrees, switching in unison every few seconds. This amazing spectacle is only a glimpse of what you can expect to see in the coming minutes.

Bring It On

After Slow One comes an immediate change of pace as the Marching "100" floods the field with The Rattler Entrance. Marching at break neck speeds of 320 steps per minute, the magic begins to unfold.

The Sound

The sound of the Marching "100" is matched by no one. The sound of the symphony resonates on the field through pop, classical, and traditional marching band music.

The Glory

No other marching band can boast the number and quality of accolades as the Marching "100" can. Countless television appearances, print articles, and documentaries have been produces as a testament to the band's greatness.

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